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          Synthetic Vinyl Glove


          Synthetic Vinyl Glove
          • Name: Synthetic Vinyl Glove

          • Id: 3

          • Time: 2017-08-03

          • Views : 213

          The Synthetic Silky? Glove Premium shows amazing physical specification especially for its fitness, tensile strength, elongation rate and pinhole level. As per the testing method of ASTM D5250 and EN 455, it can achieve the level of tensile test over 17 MPa and 550% as a result. Our new technique even assures the promising future of these gloves in Medical Care and Examination sectors.


          ? Extra light weight and small volume for storage
          ? Excellent tactile sense, Ultra soft & strong
          ? Powder-free
          ? Plasticizer free, Phthalate free, Protein free
          ? Eco-friendly
          ? Food safe, suitable for handling all foodstuffs in economic solution*
          ? AQL 2.5-1.5

          Quality Standard

          ? Complies with LFGB food safety standard
          ? Complies with part standards of ASTM D5250, EN 455 and EN 1186

          Technical Information

          Product type:powder-free,unsterile
          Main material:Vinyl
          Can choose Colour:Natural White,Flat White
          Exterior Features:Ambidextrous, with rolled rim
          Storage Conditions:Protect from heat ,humidity,strong light and ozone
          Size and full-length:XS, S, M, L and XL 240mm (≥230mm American Standard)
          Package:100pcs/box, 1000pcs/carton
          Leakage rating:AQL1.5,2.5,4.0 optional
          Shelf Liferd:usually 5 years