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          Blue Vinyl Glove


          Blue Vinyl Glove
          • Name: Blue Vinyl Glove

          • Id: 2

          • Time: 2017-08-03

          • Views : 545

          Extra strong powder free Vinyl Premimum glove offers practical protection for many applications. The glove is 100 % synthetic and has good tactile sense. A very good alternative for those suffering from Type I allergies.


          ? DOP-free
          ? Free from latex proteins, good alternative for those suffering from Type I allergies
          ? Suitable for food handling, except for fatty food
          ? Practical barrier for wide range of applications 
          ? Very soft and pliable
          ? Good fit, feel and performance
          ? AQL 1.5

          Quality Standard

          ? Complies with EN 455 and EN 374
          ? Complies with ASTM D5250 (USA Related Product)

          ? Complies with FDA510 (K) Available

          Technical Information

          Product type:powder-free,unsterile
          Main material:Vinyl
          Can choose Colour:Blue
          Exterior Features:Ambidextrous, with rolled rim
          Storage Conditions:Protect from heat ,humidity,strong light and ozone
          Size and full-length:XS, S, M, L and XL 240mm (≥230mm American Standard)
          Package:100pcs/box, 1000pcs/carton
          Leakage rating:AQL1.5,2.5,4.0 optional
          Shelf Liferd:usually 5 years